Schedule Porsche Auto Service, Repairs, & Maintenance in Nashville, TN

Routine maintenance is the key to maintaining your vehicle's optimum level of performance. All Porsche vehicles are built with structural integrity and are fully intended to operate with the highest level of performance standards. It is our pleasure to serve Middle Tennessee's Porsche customers and achieve all of you service needs.

Why Service with Porsche of Nashville?

While choosing where to service your Porsche, you look for knowledge, skill, professionalism, urgency, care and credibility - you're looking for Porsche of Nashville. We take great pride in providing all of our customers with truly exceptional service, whether it be from our friendly staff you will have personal interaction with or our highly trained and certified technicians you will see servicing your vehicle from our comfortable customer lounge's viewing window. Unlike other brands, we like our customers to be a part of their service experience by providing a viewing window of the service bays, so you can watch our Porsche Certified Technicians perform maintenance on your vehicle.

All of our service technicians have a wealth of knowledge and profound understanding of the Porsche brand as well as the ins and outs of every physical and mechanical aspect of our vehicles. While servicing your vehicle our technicians are not only addressing your maintenance requests, but also looking for any other unknown or possible future service needs. As Porsche evolves as a brand, our technicians will continue to evolve as well. Ensuring every vehicle is properly assessed and maintained with the highest level of commitment and care.

Recall Information

We are committed to the highest level of safety for our customers and their families. We believe in notifying our customers of any manufacturer recall announcements that may pertain to their personal vehicle. We have provided a helpful link below to input your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to see if there are any current recall announcements for you. If you have any concerns about a potential recall issue, please contact one of our Porsche Certified Service Advisors.