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Reasons Your Tire Pressure Light is Staying Illuminated

The air pressure does have a significant impact on the safety of your ride and the wearing of the tread on the tires. Here are a couple things you may not be aware of that will impact the life of the car tires when the pressure light stays illuminated.

If there is too much air in the car tire, the tire tends to ride only on the middle of the tread, like a balancing act. That means less tread is contacting the road, and in inclement weather, you run the risk of not being able to control your vehicle. 

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Are Gaskets Important for Your Vehicle?

Gaskets are a very important part of vehicles, helping key systems to perform the way they are intended to perform. In fact, more than half the breakdowns and accidents in Brentwood, TN can be attributed to gaskets failing, which in turn lead to further crucial systems breaking down in turn.

Gaskets are critical seals that work to keep liquids from mixing or leaking, and to lock air in or out of important places. They work to keep oil in the pan when the crankshaft moves, pad gaps between cylinder heads and the engine block and regulate temperature and air flow…

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Does Your Exhaust System Need Service?

Is your muffler and the rest of the exhaust system working properly? Your muffler does more than lower the amount of vehicle noise, and maintaining your exhaust system is essential.

How do you know if your exhaust system needs repair? The most common sign can be unfamiliar noises coming from underneath the car. This can range from rattling noises to louder engine sounds. Sometimes you might even see smoke coming from the exhaust. 

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Overview of the Basics of Synthetic Oil

Synthetic oil is a derivation of oil that contains additional chemicals that are not found in crude oil. These additional chemicals are synthetic substances added as a means of addressing lubrication issues.

Synthetic oil is used in a variety of settings, including in passenger automobiles and trucks of different types. Beginning in the 1960s in the United States, synthetic oil became more widely utilized. In addition to being added to petroleum oil, there are types of synthetic oil that are wholly synthesized. 

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Warning Signs Your Ignition Needs Service

If you notice that your car is not starting as quickly as it used or if your car stalls on start, you may have some issues with your ignition. In other cases, your key may not turn inside of the ignition, which could be because of a worn down key or a stuck ignition switch.

Flickering dashboard lights or no noise from the starter motor may mean that you have a dead or dying battery. In other cases, it could be the starter itself. 

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Testing Vehicle Batteries

From time to time, vehicle owners may choose to test the charge on the battery. The procedure simply requires using an analog or a digital voltmeter. However, digital versions are preferred as they are easy to use and are more accurate. Donning rubber gloves also protects the hands from corrosive battery acid. Before starting the test, make sure the vehicle and electronics are turned off.

Simply connect the red positive connector of the voltmeter to the positive battery post. Repeat the process with the black negative connector. 

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Can Tire Mis-Inflation Contribute to Hydroplaning?

Your tires are responsible for maintaining solid contact and traction with road surfaces. The ability of the tires to do so can be compromised by the phenomenon called hydroplaning.

Hydroplaning happens during wet weather conditions. When vehicles are traveling at speeds approaching 45-mph in such conditions, thin layers of water can form between the tire treads and the road surfaces. This hydroplaning action can rob drivers of steering and speed control. 

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DIY Headlight Cleaning Methods

Keeping your headlight lenses clean will provide better visibility, especially when you travel to areas not well-lit by street lights. It’s one aspect of maintenance that’s often overlooked, but you’ll notice a marked difference if you follow a routine schedule. There are a couple of methods of cleaning that you can try yourself.

One is to use some toothpaste and warm water on a clean cloth. Gently scrub each lens with the solution and then rinse with a clean, damp cloth. This process may take more than one attempt to clean depending on how dirty the lenses…

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What are the Signs of Exhaust Issues?

A vehicle's exhaust system, especially its muffler, plays a crucial role in keeping exhaust out and ensuring quiet operation. For greater peace of mind, the Porsche service team at Porsche Nashville can do a system check to ensure that everything is working as it should. Read on to learn several signs that it's time to schedule a service appointment.

Most of the signs of exhaust system issues are quite apparent. When a vehicle's exhaust system is working properly, it should be quiet, emit no foul odors, and offer adequate fuel mileage. 

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Understand Common Suspension System Designs

Automotive suspension systems come in a wide range of designs and specifications. Knowing a little bit about the options that are out there can empower you to make better suspension upgrade or replacement choices when the time comes. Some common suspension system designs include:

  • Double-Wishbone: So-called because of the resemblance of their control arms to wishbones, these suspension systems are common and popular. Their designs offer robust support for the wheel and related components. 
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