From time to time, vehicle owners may choose to test the charge on the battery. The procedure simply requires using an analog or a digital voltmeter. However, digital versions are preferred as they are easy to use and are more accurate. Donning rubber gloves also protects the hands from corrosive battery acid. Before starting the test, make sure the vehicle and electronics are turned off.

Simply connect the red positive connector of the voltmeter to the positive battery post. Repeat the process with the black negative connector. Good batteries display a charge of between 12.6 to 12.4 volts. Anything less is a problem. Consider cleaning the battery terminals to remove excess corrosion and test the battery again.

Extreme temperatures and other factors shorten the lifespan of vehicle batteries. If your battery performance is not what it should be, schedule an appointment with the technicians at Porsche of Nashville to have your car battery inspected or replaced.

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