Automotive suspension systems come in a wide range of designs and specifications. Knowing a little bit about the options that are out there can empower you to make better suspension upgrade or replacement choices when the time comes. Some common suspension system designs include:

  • Double-Wishbone: So-called because of the resemblance of their control arms to wishbones, these suspension systems are common and popular. Their designs offer robust support for the wheel and related components.
  • Macpherson Strut: These suspension system designs are smaller, lighter, and less bulky than wishbone models. They nevertheless include durable design elements that include built-in shock absorbers and coil-springs.
  • Multilink: Multilink suspension systems offer a mix of benefits, including effective vibration-control and solid handling. These systems give each wheel and tire greater ranges of motion than other models.

Regardless of which suspension your vehicle uses, we can help you to repair, maintain, and inspect it. Here at Porsche Nashville in sunny Brentwood, TN, we enjoy working with our guests, so swing by for a quick suspension system check-in.

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