Keeping your headlight lenses clean will provide better visibility, especially when you travel to areas not well-lit by street lights. It’s one aspect of maintenance that’s often overlooked, but you’ll notice a marked difference if you follow a routine schedule. There are a couple of methods of cleaning that you can try yourself.

One is to use some toothpaste and warm water on a clean cloth. Gently scrub each lens with the solution and then rinse with a clean, damp cloth. This process may take more than one attempt to clean depending on how dirty the lenses are. It also works better on plastic than glass, but no harm done if you also attempt it on glass.

An alternative method requires some finesse. It involves using several sheets of sandpaper with gradually finer grit and polish. Start with the coarsest grain paper, and gently work around the glass removing scratches and blemishes. Continue the process until you’ve used the finest grit paper. Finish with polishing the glass.

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